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Salt Pork Rinds

Salt Pork Rinds are thin slices of salted pork, with the rind on it, fried until they become crispy.

Note these are somewhat different from the "Pork Rinds" sold as snack food in bags in North America. Those are very light, and airy.

These Pork Rinds, Salt Pork Rinds, are hard on the outside where the side is, with a softer crunch inside. Sometimes the rinds can still have traces of bristle in them, which can be off-putting.

They are sold as in packets in stores, and at pubs, where the salt can help work up a thirst for more beer.

They can be used as a snack or a garnish.

In England, some restaurants and gastro-pubs are now serving Pork Scratchings (aka Pork Rinds) on the menus, made on the premises and served hot with an apple sauce for dipping.

Cooking Tips

You make small cuts along the edges first to stop it from curling. Cook first in boiling water, then drain, then fry.

Language Notes

Called in French "Oreilles du Christ, Oreilles de crisse."


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Chicharrón; Cracklings; Pork Rinds; Salt Pork Rinds

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Also called:

Pork Scratchings; Grillades de lard salé, Oreilles de crisse, Oreilles du Christ (French)


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