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Saturated Fat

Saturated Fat has a great deal more hydrogen atoms in its molecular chain.

We can't see that in the kitchen, of course, but we can see that it is more stable at room temperature.

It comes from animals generally but also from coconuts, cottonseed, palm kernels, chocolate, etc.


Your body needs some saturated fat: without it, the body cannot use calcium, cell membranes can't retain their structure, and your liver can't function optimally.

However, too much is bad, because our body manufactures cholesterol from saturated fat. Too much saturated fat can cause too much cholesterol to be made, blocking up arteries.


Bacon Drippings; Barding; Caul; Chicken Fat; Copha; Dripping; Fat Separators; Fat; Ghee; Goose Fat; Lardons; Lard; Oil; Palmin; Pork Fatback; Puff Pastry Fat; Salt Pork; Saturated Fat; Schmaltz; Shortening; Skimming; Streak of Lean; Unsaturated Fat

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Also called:

Acides gras saturés (French); Saturados (Spanish)


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