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Sausage Pizza Day

Sausage Pizza Day

Sausage Pizza Day. Lancaster314 / wikiemdia / 2013 / CC BY-SA 4.0

11 October

Sausage Pizza Day occurs during Pizza Month.

Yes, just merely thinking about Sausage Pizza may make your trousers feel tighter, but remember it's a holiday, and besides, nothing says the sausage on your pizza has to be the classic, pork sausage: you can also now get pizzas with low-fat chicken sausage on them.

Plus, each year only has one Sausage Pizza Day in it, and we all only have so many years to go..... so why not celebrate the day?

11 October is also the birthday of Henry John Heinz, the founder of Heinz. In the UK, you can buy Heinz frozen pizzas, even.

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