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Sausagemeat is spiced, ground pork blended as though for sausages, but not stuffed into casings. Better quality Sausagemeat will generally be about 70 to 80 % meat, plus cereals. Lower quality Sausagemeat will be about 50% meat.

Sometimes it is sold with further flavouring such as leeks and herbs. Varieties made from lamb, beef and turkey are also available.

There are fewer varieties available in North American than there are in the UK.

Sausagemeat is really useful for making your own sausage rolls, for making a sausage plait (with ready-made puff pastry of course), and for adding to pasta dishes.

Cooking Tips

Sausage rolls are best made with Sausagemeat, as opposed to sausages with the skins still on.

Use for poultry stuffing, sausage rolls, Cornish pasties, meat balls, meat pies, pasta dishes and Scotch eggs.


Pan sausage, tube sausage, ground pork, or sausages taken out of the casings and broken up -- even though you do feel a bit silly having paid extra to have sausagemeat that has been "cased" that you are going to take out of the casings.

Storage Hints

Freezes well.


Aberdeen Sausage; Baloney; Boudin Noir; Bratwurst Festival Day; Braunschweiger; Cured Sausages; Currywurst; Fresh Sausages; Glamorgan Sausages; Hack Pudding; Haggis; Haslet; Kochwurst; Liver Pudding; Lorne Sausage; Mortadella; Sausage Casings; Sausagemeat; Sausages; Semi-Cured Sausages; Stufatura; Tube Sausage; Zampone

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Also called:

Sausage Mince; Carne de salchicha (Spanish)


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