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Semi-Cured Sausages

Semi-Cured Sausages are sausages that have undergone a light curing process. The purpose of the light curing is not preservation, as it is with fully cured sausages, but rather to develop taste by concentrating flavour.

They require thorough cooking.

Their texture is softer than completely cured sausages. They are also usually juicier and softer when cooked (for example, on the grill, in paellas, or in stews) than cured sausages.

The technique of semi-curing sausages was mostly used in Northern European climates, where cold rooms could be counted on to stay cold during the winters. Southern climates would prefer to cure sausages completely so they could be kept without reliable cold rooms.

Some southern areas though, such as Spain and Italy, also developed some Semi-Cured Sausages, for the taste of them.

Storage Hints

Semi-Cured Sausages require refrigeration or freezing.

Semi-Cured Sausages

Chorizo de Bilbao; Chouriço Sausage; Linguiça; Lucanicae; Rag Sausage; Semi-Cured Sausages

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Also called:

Salchichas Semi-curadas (Spanish)


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