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Shortbread Day

6 January

You won't want to miss Shortbread Day!

This is a good day to dispose of the last of the Christmas Shortbread still hanging around by unloading it on friends and neighbours, or by cramming into the lunchboxes of your unsuspecting loved ones.

If you're a fan of Shortbread and happen to have spent the holidays in a shortbread-deprived stupor, then maybe it's a good day to make or buy yourself some at post-Christmas prices and satisfy your craving, before it disappears from store shelves completely for the year, making you all antsy by July (unless you're in Scotland, where it's made the year round.)

Shortbread is good with tea or whiskey (just watch how much shortbread you're partaking of, whiskey fans warn.) Shortbread aficionados say that "shortbread" is just another name for "butter delivery system", and swear by it warm out of the oven.

Some other activities for today:
    • Educate yourself about Shortbread and its history;
    • Ask your friends what their favourite brand of Shortbread is, and why;
    • If you think something called "Shortbread" might have yeast in it, then you're definitely a candidate to read CooksInfo.com's write-up on shortbread (CooksInfo.com does not attempt to give out the "definitive" Shortbread recipe. We're smarter than to embroil ourselves in a quagmire like that...)

So treat yourself, or if your good Scots Calvinist ethics won't let you do that, treat a friend.... and remember, there's a lot more to Scotland than shortbread and tartan -- they just happen to make the best shortbread in the world, effortlessly.

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