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Singing Hinnies

Singing Hinnies are a quick bread, risen with a chemical leavener such as baking powder or baking soda. Currants or raisins are mixed into the dough, which is then rolled out, cut into small rounds, and cooked on a griddle.

They look something like what North Americans would call an "English Muffin."

Singing Hinnies are served particularly at tea time. You split them in half and spread them with cream or lots of butter while still hot off the griddle.

Language Notes

"Singing" refers to the sizzling noise they make while being cooked on a griddle.

"Hinnies" means "children" or "dear ones", or as some Americans might say, "honeys."

Quick Breads

Arepas; Baking Powder Biscuits; Banana Bread Day; Bannock; Barm Brack Recipe; Barm Brack; Belgian Waffles; Cornbread; Crumpets; Doughnuts; English Muffins; Fadge; Farls; Irish Soda Bread; Johnnycake; Libum; Muffins; Pancakes; Pikelets; Quick Breads; Singing Hinnies; Waffles

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