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Sinsollo is both a Korean cooking pot, and the dish made with it.

As a cooking pot, it is a large brass bowl, with a tube in the middle. White charcoal, which gives a smokeless fire, is put in the tube to provide cooking heat.

As a dish, it is sort of a self-cook "smorgasbord." Food items are provided to you individually in small bowls at a restaurant such as strips of meat (beef, sheep's intestine, beef tripe), eggs, shrimps, parsley, shiitake mushroom carrots, cucumbers, gingko nuts, jujubes, pine nuts, radishes, green onions, spring onions and garlic.

Many of the ingredients are precooked, and the vegetables are cut into fancy shapes.

You pick want you want and put it in a broth in the pot to cook.

Language Notes

Sometimes referred to as a hotpot or firepot. The word "Sinsollo" in Korean means "immortal."


Bogrács Kettles; Charentais Devil; Chip Pans; Cocotte; Deep-Fat Fryer; Donabe; Double Boiler; Dutch Oven; Kettles; Le Creuset; Marmite Pots; Pots; Pressure Cookers; Sinsollo; Slow Cooker Liners; Slow Cookers; Splatter Screens; Steam-Jacketed Kettle; Stockpots; Tagine

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