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Slotted Spoons

Spoon with perforations

Spoon with perforations
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Slotted Spoons are used to scoop food items out of a liquid, leaving the liquid behind.

The slots can be 2 to 4 actual slots running side by side almost the length of the bowl of the spoon, or they can be perforations of various shapes and placement.

Some Slotted Spoons have spoon bowls the size of a standard large stirring spoon; others have oversize spoon bowls. Some have bowls which are almost flat, with just slightly curved edges on them enabling them to still qualify as a "spoon."

Spoon with slots

Spoon with slots

They can be made of bamboo, plastic, silicon, stainless steel, or wood. Older ones might be made of aluminum.

They can also be used for stirring.


Ice Cream Scoops; Ladles; Mote Spoon; Pouring Spoons; Pudding Sticks; Slotted Spoons; Spurtles; Stir; Wooden Spoons

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Also called:

Espumadera (Spanish)


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