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Smith's Cider Apples

Smith's Cider are medium to large-sized apples.

They have tough, smooth, yellow skin, flushed with pale red and whitish dots, and russetting at the bottom.

Inside, they have white to yellowish, finely-textured, tender, crisp, juicy flesh.

Cooking Tips

For cider, or fresh-eating.

Storage Hints

Does not store well.

History Notes

Smith's Cider Apples originated in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Grafts were brought to Frederick County, Virginia during the American Revolution.

The apple was first recorded in 1817 by William Coxe of Philadelphia in his "A View of the Cultivation of Fruit Trees."

Literature & Lore


The apple propagated under this name, is highly esteemed as a most productive and excellent cider fruit, in the county of Bucks, and the contiguous parts of Pennsylvania : the size is middling, its appearance resembles the Vandervere the skin is smooth, a lively streaked red it is a pleasant table fruit, but is chiefly used for cider. The tree is tall, the limbs shoot upwards ; it is sometimes loaded with fruit beyond any other tree in our orchards, requiring great care to prevent the branches being destroyed by the weight of fruit. It ripens in October and November." -- Coxe, William. "A View of the Cultivation of Fruit Trees." Philadelphia: M. Carey & Son , 1817. Page 131.

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Also called:

Cider Apple Apples; Cider Apples; Popular Bluff Apples


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