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Snow White Sugar

Snow White Sugar is very fine granulated sugar that has been tumbled with fat.

Because it already has fat in it, it won't dissolve as easily when sprinkled on baked goods such as cakes, pastries or sugar doughnuts.

It is made from refined granulated sugar, dextrose, wheat starch and palm oil.

It is sold in Europe under the name "DSP44."


Aspartame; Cane Syrup; Caramel; Chinese Lump Sugar; Chinese Rock Sugar; Date Sugar; Dextrose; Erythritol; Fructose; Gelling Sugar; Granulated Sugar; Icing & Frosting; Invert Sugar; Lavender Sugar; Malt Sugar; Raw Sugar; Rosemary Sugar; Sanding Sugar; Snow White Sugar; Sparkling Sugar; Sugar Cutters; Sugar; Vanilla Sugar

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