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Soft-Ball Stage

Soft-Ball Stage

Soft-Ball Stage
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Soft-Ball Stage is a cooking term meaning that a sugar syrup being heated has reached 112 - 116 C (234 - 240 F.)

It is a test of how hot a sugar syrup is, and of how much water is left in it. At this point of heating, the sugar concentration in the syrup is 85%.

You test by drizzling a small amount of the sugar syrup from a spoon into a cup of cold water. If the stage has been reached, the syrup will come together and briefly form a soft ball (more accurately, a soft clump with a bit of height to it.) If you take the clump out of the water, it will hold its shape for a short while then start to flatten back down further.

The Soft-Ball Stage is called for in recipes for fudge, fondant, pralines, peppermint creams, Italian meringue, buttercreams, etc.

The stages of cooking sugar syrup are:

1. Thread Stage (106 - 112 C)
2. Soft-Ball Stage (112 - 116 C)
3. Firm-Ball Stage (118 – 121 C)
4. Hard-Ball Stage (121 - 130 C)
5. Soft-Crack Stage (132 - 143 C)
6. Hard-Crack Stage (149 - 154 C)

Cooking Tips

High altitude: For every 300 metres (1,000 feet) that you are above sea level, subtract 1 degree C (2 degrees F) from the temperatures given in your candy recipe.

Soft-Ball stage by thermometer

Soft-Ball stage by thermometer
© Randal Oulton

Candy Terms

Firm-Ball Stage; Hard-Ball Stage; Hard-Crack Stage; Ribbon Stage; Rock Candy Syrup; Soft-Ball Stage; Soft-Crack Stage; Stages of Cooked Sugar Syrups for Candy - Temperature Guide; Sugar Syrup; Thread Stage

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