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Sotol Mezcal is made in Chihuahua state in Mexico.

The variety of agave used is a wild agave called Sotol [1]. The grows up to 3 feet (1 metre) tall, has saw-toothed leaves. The plant can bloom several times during its life, unlike most other agaves which only bloom once. But, it needs at least 10 years to grow first before harvesting, and the piña in Sotol agave plants is smaller than those in blue agave plants, which are used for tequila.

Sotol is made entirely from sugar from agave plants, no added sugar, as is the case with many tequilas. Yet, it is a bit sweeter than tequila.

Some Sotol brands are distilled 3 times, then aged for at least 2 years in white oak.

Producers are seeking "denomination of origin" status now (2006.) To raise the cachet of Sotol, some bottles are being sold numbered.


[1] Aka "Desert Spoon." Scientific name is "Agavacea dasylirion Wheeleri."

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