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Soumaintrain Cheese

Soumaintrain is a very whiffy French cheese with a taste that is both sweet and salty.

Inside, the cheese is soft but not runny. It has a salty-tasting, orangey-caramel-colour rind that is edible.

To make Soumaintrain Cheese, unpasteurized cow's milk is curdled, then the curds are cut, put into a small round mould, but not pressed. The cheeses are unmoulded, and as they age, washed with brine and marc (aka grappa.) The proportion of marc in the wash is increased as time goes by.

Each cheese is about 5 inches (13 cm) wide, and 1 1/2 inches (4 cm) tall, and aged 8 weeks.

Soumaintrain is made in Yonne, in the northern part of Burgundy, but there is no law restricting where it can be made. Some versions are being made that have a white velvet rind instead of the sticky orange rind, but these are not traditional. Some producers are trying to organize an AOC for it (but no progress yet, as of 2005.)

An export version is made from "thermalized" cow's milk by a company called Fromagerie Berthaut.


Soumaintrain Cheese has a 45% fat content.

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Also called:

Fromage Soumaintrain (French)


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