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Sparkling Sugar

Sparkling Sugar is edible glitter.

It is sugar crystals coloured with food grade carnauba wax added, and coloured with artificial food colours. It also comes in pure white, which has no food colour added, just the wax. The white just adds shimmer.

It has a slightly higher moisture content than granulated sugar.

For consumers, Sparkling Sugar is sold in 4 oz (130g) separate coloured bags, sometimes as sets.

Cooking Tips

Sprinkle on or roll or press item in before baking. Some baked goods may need to be brushed with water before being sugared to help the sugar stick.

You can also sprinkle on cookies that have been iced, before the icing dries - press the iced cookie down into the sugar.


Turbinado sugar, Granulated sugar


Aspartame; Cane Syrup; Caramel; Chinese Lump Sugar; Chinese Rock Sugar; Date Sugar; Dextrose; Erythritol; Fructose; Gelling Sugar; Granulated Sugar; Icing & Frosting; Invert Sugar; Lavender Sugar; Malt Sugar; Raw Sugar; Rosemary Sugar; Sanding Sugar; Snow White Sugar; Sparkling Sugar; Sugar Cutters; Sugar; Vanilla Sugar

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