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Spätzle Press

A Spätzle Press looks like a cheese grater, or a large garlic press, depending on the model. It is used to form the small noodles called "Spätzle."

With some models of Spätzle Presses, the main body of the gizmo is a flat rectangular piece metal with sharp, perforated holes in it, that acts as the grater. You put a hunk of the noodle dough in a small metal box attached to the grater, then run it back and forth; as you do so, it shaves the dough off in small pieces.

Another common model is a steel bowl with holes in the bottom, with a handle attached. You hold it by the handle, and put the dough in the bowl. In the bowl, there's a slanted paddle that is turned with a crank. You turn the crank, and as you do, the slanted paddle catches the dough and forces it through the holes.


Potato ricer, Colander.

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Also called:

Nokedli Maker


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