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The German definition of Speck just means bacon, or even just lard.

It looks like streaky bacon (aka American-style bacon.)

In theory, German Speck can be eaten uncooked, but is usually always cooked.
  • Bauchspeck ("belly speck") or Durchwachsener Speck: from the back, brined and smoked;
  • Frühstücksspeck ("breakfast speck"): the sort for frying up for breakfast. A leaner version of Bauchspeck;
  • Grüner Speck, aka Frischer Speck: fat from the back of the pig untreated and raw, usually unsalted;
  • Hüftespeck ("hip speck")or "Schinkenspeck": from the thigh, brined, washed, dried and smoked;
  • Rückenspeck ("back speck") or "fetter Speck" ("fat speck"), almost all fat. comes from the back of the pig;
  • Paprikaspeck -- Rückenspeck, salted, air-dried and covered with paprika. Used as a sandwich meat;
  • Räucherspeck: smoked;
  • Schwarzwälder Speck: air-dried, lean, smoked. Often sold sliced. Used as a sandwich meat.

In eastern European countries such as Hungary and Romani, Speck is pork fat rubbed with paprika, roasted over a fire then drizzled onto vegetables or bread.


Ensaimada; Gailtaler Speck; Larding; Lardons; Lardo; Lardy Cake; Lard; Pork Fatback; Salt Pork; Speck dell'Alto Adige; Speck

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