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St David's Day

St David's Day (Wales)

St David's Day Celebration, Cardiff Bay, March 1st 2009. National Assembly for Wales / 2009 / CC BY 2.0

1 March

St David is the patron saint of Wales. He is reputed to have had his soldiers attach leeks to their caps so they could distinguish themselves from their enemies.

This is, sadly, almost certainly a myth (see the entry on Leeks), but nonetheless it's a good day on which to haul out your leek recipes.

Leeks at Market.

Leeks at Market. Paula Trites / 2010

Alternatively, you may wish to try making something with the seaweed that the Welsh call "Laver."

St David is also called "St Tavy" or "Dewi Saint."

Today was also the day, in 1932, that Charles Lindbergh, Jr., aged 2 years, was kidnapped from his parents Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Though a ransom of $50,000 was paid, the child was not returned to his parents. Just over two months later, on 12 May, a child's body was found that was identified as their son, even though the body was 4 inches taller than the child had been.

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