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Star Fruit

A Star Fruit is a yellow-green fruit that is shaped like a star. It is waxy and firm, and holds it shape when cut. It has a refreshing taste, somewhat between apples, pears and grapes, though some varieties are more tart than sweet.

On the tree, the fruit is a light-green; as it ripens, the skin on the main body starts to turn yellow while the tips start to brown. When it is fully ripe, it will be a golden-yellow with brown tips. Greenish ones will have a tart taste.

Star Fruit sold in the UK is mostly imported from Malaysia (as of 2004.) It is also grown in Florida and in Central and South America.

Choose ones with no browned, bruised spots.

This is not the same fruit as Star Anise Fruit.

Cooking Tips

Wash and slice. Trim the ribs off each star, as they will be somewhat bitter, plus bruised from handling. No need to peel (good thing; its shape would make it a bugger to peel).


1 pound = 450g = 2 - 3 Star Fruit

Storage Hints

Store any unripe Star Fruit at room temperature so that it can ripen; store fully ripened Star Fruit in the fridge for up to a few days.

History Notes

Originated in Malaysia.

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