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Stokenchurch Pie

Stokenchurch Pie is an interesting dish, in that it's considered a traditional dish in Buckinghamshire, though not "ancient."

It uses macaroni, so obviously it came about after pasta was introduced into England.

Recipes for Stokenchurch Pie just call for "cooked meat", so it was a way to use up leftover meat of any kind that the householder might happen to have on hand.

To make the pie, you line an ovenproof dish with pastry, make a layer of cooked macaroni mixed with the cooked meat chopped up, then put in whole, peeled hard-boiled eggs, make a final layer of the macaroni and meat, then cover with pastry, make a hole in the top, then bake.

Language Notes

"Stokenchurch" is an old village in Buckinghamshire. Its name means "church made from logs."

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