Stuffed Potato Patties Recipe

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A very tasty and satisfying way to use up leftover mash, and other leftover ingredients. In fact, you'll be consciously trying to make sure you have leftovers for this recipe.

Estimated Prep Time: 15 minutes

Estimated Cooking Time: 25 minutes


Salt & Pepper
3 cups filling ingredient


Prepare your filling ingredient (see tips.)

Place leftover mash in a bowl. Add butter and egg yolks to the potatoes, mix and add pepper and salt to taste. (Place egg white in covered container in fridge for another use.)

Take a large spoonful of the potato mixture and place it in the palm of your hand; shape it in a little oval cake. Place a teaspoon of your filling in the centre, and roll the potato around it.

Place on lightly-floured platter, and continue until you have used up all the items.

You can either bake these (in oven for half an hour), or fry in hot butter until light brown. Serve hot.

Recipe notes

Ideally, you are using a leftover as a filling. This is too simple and plain a recipe to merit much special fussing over the filling.

The filling ingredient can be cooked meat (such as chopped chicken, beef or pork), or leftover vegetables (such as corn, peas, carrot), or a mixture of the two. What you use should already have been cooked & seasoned to taste.

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