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Sushi Mat

Sushi Mat

A Sudare is a small, flexible mat made from strips of bamboo to help you assemble and roll up Maki Sushi.

The mat is usually about 8 inches (20 cm) square.

To use it, you put a large, flat piece of seaweed ("nori") on the mat, leaving about a inch (2 1/2 cm) space on all edges. Spread rice evenly on it, put your chosen sushi fillings on top of the rice, then roll the mat up tightly, causing the food inside to be rolled up as well. Roll slowly, pressing as you are rolling. Roll it up as you would a jelly roll, roll away from you.

Then you open the mat, and cut up your sushi roll into slices.

Cooking Tips

Sushi Mat

Sushi Mat

If you are not serving the sushi right away, and don't need the mat to make another roll with, you can leave the sushi roll rolled up in the mat for a while to help stop it from drying out.


A clean, flexible plastic table place-mat.

Language Notes

"Maki" means "to roll."

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Also called:

Maki-su; Sushi Mat; Sushimaki Sudare


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