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Sugar Cookie Day

Sugar Cookie Day

Sugar Cookie Day
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9 July

In this day and age of excessive, over the top desserts, when's the last time you had a plain old sugar cookie, crisp on the edges, tender in the middle?

Make it from scratch, make it from a purchased log of chilled dough, or hit the bakery and get them ready to go.

Sugar Cookie Day, though, seems more of an oven-friendly holiday, that probably would be best celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter, as July is when the summer heat is just starting to build up.

So while Australians, living where July is the dead of winter, can merrily fire up their ovens, people who live where July is about as hot as it gets may understandably opt for the bakery route -- it doesn't seem to make much sense to fire up the oven while you're also running the air conditioner and fans to cool things down.

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