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Summer Melons

Summer Melons are pretty much available the year round now, because they are brought in from places where it is summer. Nevertheless, they have some distinguishing characteristics from the other group of Melons called Winter Melons.

Summer Melons:
    • Have netted or rough skin;
    • Have skin that won't hold moisture in as well as does the skin of Winter Melons, so they won't store as well;
    • Will have brighter flesh than winter melons, better scent and better taste.

Watermelon is really its own type of Melon all to itself, but is often included as a Summer Melon, despite its smooth skin, just because that's when it's available.

Language Notes

Also called the Reticulatis group or netted group or Muskmelon group.

Summer Melons

Ambrosia Melons; Amish Melons; Amur Melons; Anne Arundel Melons; Cantaloupe Melons; Cranshaw Melons; Ein Dor Melons; Emerald Jewel Melons; Emerald Pearl Melons; Fastbreak Melons; Muskmelons; Osage Melons; Pineapple Melons; Planter's Jumbo Melons; Sharlyn Melons; Summer Melons; Tokyo King Melons; Vert Grimpant Melons; Watermelons

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Also called:

Netted Melons; Melons brodés (French)


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