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Summer Squash

Summer Squashes are harvested and eaten before they mature. They have very thin skins and, generally, edible seeds.

Summer Squashes will cross-breed with acorn squash, some pumpkins including jack-o-lantern pumpkins, as well as with each other, of course. Though you may not see the results of the cross-pollination that occurred in the current year's crop, it would show up in the seeds from the crop if they were planted this year.

Summer Squashes will not cross-breed with cucumbers, or melons.

The most well-known example of Summer Squash is zucchini.

Cooking Tips

To home can summer squashes, they must be used in some kind of pickle or relish. Plain canning of summer squash is recommended against by the USDA. [1]


[1] National Center for Home Food Preservation. "Why is canning summer squash or zucchini not recommended?" Accessed June 2015 at http://nchfp.uga.edu/questions/FAQ_canning.html#24.

Summer Squash

Chayote; Crookneck Squash; Magda Squash; Marrow; Pattypan Squash; Scallopini Squash; Snake Gourd; Summer Squash; Tinda Gourd; Yellow Squash; Yellow Sunburst Squash; Yugoslavian Finger Fruit Squash; Zapallito de Tronco Squash; Zephyr Squash; Zucchetta Rampicante Squash; Zucchini

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Also called:

Cucurbita pepo (Scientific Name); Courge d'été (French); Sommerkürbissen (German); Calabacita (Spanish)


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