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Sunburst Oranges

The Sunburst Orange belongs to the Mandarin family. It has very thin and brittle skin, making it hard to peel, but inside it is very juicy. Amongst growers, it is replacing the Dancy in popularity because the tree is thornless, and will begin bearing fruit in 3 years.

Inside the fruit is divided into 12 segments and is a deep orange colour.

History Notes

Developed by the United States Department of Agriculture from a cross between Robinson and Osceola cultivars in 1961. Released commercially in 1979.

Mandarin Oranges

Clementine Orange; Dancy Tangerines; Fairchild Tangerines; Kinnow Mandarins; Mandarin Oranges; Mikan Oranges; Rangpur Limes; Satsuma Oranges; Sunburst Oranges; Tangerines

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