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Syrups are sticky, sweet liquid ranging from somewhat thick to very thick. They are often flavoured.

They are based on some form of sugar and water. The sugar doesn't necessarily come from sugar cane, and isn't necessarily sucrose.

Depending on the syrup, it can be used at the table as a topping, in the kitchen as an ingredient, or both.

Storage Hints

Some syrups may crystallize over time; they can be restored to a runnier state with a quick zap in the microwave or over a double-boiler.


Agave Syrup; Almond Syrup; Barley Malt Syrup; Birch Syrup; Black Treacle; Brown Rice Syrup; Cane Syrup; Chocolate Syrup; Coconut Syrup; Cordials; Corn Syrup; Fig Syrup; Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Flavor Syrup; Golden Syrup; Gum Syrup; Khus Syrup; Maple Syrup; Nectar Syrup; Orgeade; Orgeat Syrup; Pancake Syrup; Rock Candy Syrup; Rose Syrup; Stages of Cooked Sugar Syrups for Candy - Temperature Guide; Sugar Syrup; Swedish Light Syrup; Syrups; Violet Syrup

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Also called:

Sirop (French); Almibar, Sírope (Spanish); Xarope (Portuguese); Siropus (Roman)


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