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The Crumblies

The Crumblies is an expression used in Britain to describe crumbly British cheeses such as Caerphilly, Cheshire, Lancashire, Wensleydale and Lancashire.

Cooking Tips

These cheeses are loved for the ease with which they melt into a creamy goo when cooked.


American Cheeses; British Cheeses; Cheese Curds; Cheese Day; Cheese Fries; Cheese Rinds; Cheese Technical Terms; Cheeseball Day; Cheeseballs; Cheese; Extra-Hard Cheeses; Fat Content of Cheeses; Firm Cheeses; Fondue; French Cheeses; Goat's Milk Cheeses; Italian Cheeses; Mexican Cheeses; Queso Fundido; Raw Milk; Semi-Firm Cheeses; Soft Cheeses; Sweet Curd Cheeses; The Crumblies; Washed-Rind Cheeses; Whey; Yeel Cheese

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