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Timbale Brillat-Savarin

Timbale Brillat-Savarin is a dessert.

To start, a crust is make from a hollowed-out brioche that has been cooked in a charlotte mould.

The inside of the crust is brushed with a glaze made from apricot jam flavoured with kirsch, then baked for a short while in the oven to set the glaze (thereby stopping the crust from getting soggy later on.) On the bottom of the crust, you put a layer of peeled and cored quartered pears poached in a vanilla-flavoured simple syrup, then drained. You top them with a layer of pastry cream mixed with crushed macaroons, and repeat the layers until the shell is filled.

The final layer at the top is pears heaped up towards the centre, decorated with candied fruit.

To serve Timbale Brillat-Savarin, heat in a low oven, and accompany with a side sauce made from apricot purée, flavoured with kirsch.


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