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Timbale Moulds

Timbale Moulds are a tall moulds used to make timbales in.

Most usually, the moulds are shaped like a tall drum that tapers toward the bottom (a Timbale drum, to be precise.)

Some of the moulds you actually cook the food in; others you press the food in to shape it, and chill it.

Either way, you turn the food out of the mould to serve it.

Timbale Moulds can be stainless steel or silver; silver will usually have some simple designs on them.

Small, individual Timbale Moulds can be used in restaurants to serve the "jus" in when ordering beef "au jus." In the restaurant trade, they often resemble what you might think of as a tall, metal shot glass.

Cooking Tips

Butter or oil them first before pressing food in.


Ramekins for individual Timbales; an oven-safe glass bowl for a large one. Dariole moulds.

Language Notes

The word "timbale" is related to the word "thimble." Both words come from the Arabic word "thabal", which now means "drum", though before that, it meant a "cup".

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Brioche Moulds; Butter Moulds; Chinese Pretzel Iron; Dariole Moulds; Egg Corrals; Flan Moulds; Jelly Moulds; Kaiser Roll Stamp; Panettone Moulds; Pâté Moulds; Rosette Iron; Timbale Moulds

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Also called:

Timbale; Moules à timbale (French)


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