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Transylvanian Garlic

Transylvanian Garlic has large bulbs, with skin a creamy off-white with just a trace of purple as you peel back the skin.

Inside, there will be 10 to 16 cloves with a hot, sharp bite.

The garlic does well in cold winters.

Transylvanian Garlic belongs to the Artichoke sub-group of softneck garlic.


3 bulbs will weigh about 8 oz

Storage Hints

Stores well if cured correctly.

History Notes

Obtained by a Chester Aaron from a third party who in turn obtained it from a farmer's market in Transylvania, Romania in 1994.

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Artichoke Garlic

Artichoke Garlic; Asiatic Garlic; Bianca Garlic; California Early Artichoke Garlic; California Late Artichoke Garlic; Chengdu Garlic; Chet's Italian Red Artichoke Garlic; Inchelium Red Artichoke Garlic; Lorz Italian Artichoke Garlic; Polish White Garlic; Red Toch Artichoke Garlic; Simonetti Artichoke Garlic; Transylvanian Garlic; Turban Garlic


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