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Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil. Italy 2005.
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Truffle Oil is olive oil that has been infused with Truffles.

The Truffles are freeze-dried and pulverized first before being steeped in the oil.

There are some artificial Truffle Oils on the market. For the real thing, check that the ingredients actually list Truffles.

You can make your own home-made version using tiny bits of Truffles, but you will need to use the oil up quickly as the fresh bits will cause the oil to go rancid eventually.

Cooking Tips

Don't cook with it; heat will destroy the flavour. Use it instead as a "finishing oil" to drizzle on food before serving or eating.

See also:


Truffières; Truffle Butter; Truffle Fumet; Truffle Oil; Truffle Shavers; Truffles

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Also called:

Huile de truffle (French)


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