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Truffles Day

Truffles Day

Truffles Day
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2 May

The 2nd of May is marked as Truffles Day.

The reference is to the truffles that are like mushrooms, rather than the chocolate ones.

If real truffles are out of your budget, or just never grace your grocery store shelves, you may wish to at least treat yourself to a chocolate one as a nod to the day.

Or, if chocolate truffles aren't your thing, you can at least celebrate the day by learning all about truffles here on CooksInfo.com.

In Uzès, France, Truffle Day is held on the third Sunday of January. The market place in Place aux Herbes is full of vendors, displays and food, including omelettes made on the spot garnished with shaved black truffles. Truffle hunters give demonstrations of how pigs and dogs find truffles in the ground.

A few people say Truffle Day is near Christmas, the 13th of December, but every reference to that date appears to be chocolate truffles.

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