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Turkey Bacon

Turkey Bacon is made from turkey trimmings that are chopped, pressed and formed into strips.

Turkey Bacon brands vary wildly in taste, texture and fat content.

The amount of fat will vary, but the general goal of manufacturers is to have a lower fat content than pork bacon. Owing to the lack of fat to carry flavour, it can seem dry and lacking in flavour, and the less fat, the chewier it will be. Wags say that the extra lean is extra-taste free and has a more plastic texture. On the plus side, it won't shrink as much as American style (aka streaky) bacon.

The higher the fat content, the more acceptable it might be to other family members. Some brands actually do include pork fat as an ingredient to help improve taste and texture.

More expensive brands taste better and have better texture. Lewis Rich is a good brand that is mentioned many times by people.

Some brands use liquid smoke for taste, some actually smoke the product.

Turkey Bacon is made to look like American bacon (aka streaky bacon), with the white part that would be pork fat coming from white turkey meat instead. Some say, though, that it looks like cartoon bacon.

Because it's so lean, you may want to heat some butter or oil in the pan first, and treat it like a strip of meat, or back bacon, rather than bacon. When it cooks, it will stay flat, not curl up, but it will develop somewhat of a crunch like American bacon does. It won't have, though, the fullness of bacon taste as real bacon does.

The texture and taste are considered better than vegetarian bacon, but you won't fool anyone. Some brands smell more like baloney than bacon. Most people buy it because they consider it more healthful.

It is perhaps better if in your mind you don't try to compare it to real bacon, but appreciate it as a different kind of processed meat altogether.


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