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Unagisaki Hocho Knives

An Unagisaki Hocho Knife is a special knife for filleting eel.

The blade would be rectangular, except its nose is a straight 45 degree angle from top to bottom. This creates a sharp tip or piercing the head of an eel, and then dragging the knife along its body to slice it open along its entire length in one continuous motion.

The blade style varies slightly in Kyoto, Nagoya and Osaka.

Language Notes

"Unagi" means "eel"; "hocho" means "knife".

Japanese Knives

Bunka Bocho Knives; Deba Bocho Knives; Fugu Hiki Knives; Furutsu Naifu Knives; Gyoto Knives; Japanese Knives; Kazari Bocho Knives; Nakiri Hocho Knives; Oroshi Knives; Petty Knives; Santoku; Soba Kiri Cleavers; Unagisaki Hocho Knives; Usuba Bocho Knives; Yasai Bocho Knives

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Also called:

Unagisaki Hocho (Japanese)


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