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Vark is the silvery coating that is sometimes seen on top of Indian desserts and sweets. It is hammered to form an extremely thin sheet.

You buy it backed with paper, which makes it easier to handle and less brittle. You peel the paper off when you want to use it.

It falls apart very easily in your hands, so you have to handle it carefully. Handling of it is best done is a room with no drafts or breezes, or else, whoosh! little bits of silver twirling in the air all around you. You could experience a real glamour moment.

Vark has no taste, and the silver apparently doesn't harm you, as the quantity is so little.


Aboukir Almonds; Applesauce; Bananas Foster; Belgian Waffles; Bhapa Doi; Cakes; Cassata Gelata; Cassata; Cherries Jubilee; Chiboust Cream; Compote; Cookies; Cream Tea; Crème d'amandes; Crème Plombières; Cumberland Rum Butter; Deep-Fried Foods; Desserts; Doughnuts; Dumplings; Dutch Crunch Topping; French Toast; Halvah; Hard Sauce; Hattit Kit; Ice Cream; Lemon Curd; Manju; Meringue; Mishti Doi; Mochi; Mousse; Pasticcini; Pastry Cream; Pies & Tarts; Pokerounce; Poor Knights of Windsor; Puddings; Semifreddo; Somloi Galuska; Spumoni; Tavuk Gögsü; Timbale Brillat-Savarin; Tiramisù; Tortoni; Vark; Waffles

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Also called:

Silberfolie (German)


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