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Ventrèche is made from the part of the pork belly where the muscles are separated by strips of fat.

Ventrèche has both fat and meat, like streaky bacon or American bacon. The meat is rolled up and cured. The pieces can be of varying sizes.

Ventrèche is used in South-Western French regional cooking.

There are two types of Ventrèche, that are cured in two different ways.

Salted Ventrèche

This is the most common. It is salted for 10 days, then washed. Then it is seasoned with crushed pepper, and let dry 1 to 4 weeks. It is very close to being a French version of the Italian "pancetta." It can be used as pancetta, to cook into a dish, or to bard with.

Smoked Ventrèche

This is not salted. It is made from pork belly after the pork belly has been smoked. If smoked is intended in a recipe, the recipe will call for "ventrèche fumée."

Cooking Tips

Ventrèche should be considered raw and in need of cooking.


For Salted Ventrèche, unsmoked bacon, salt pork or pancetta. For Smoked Ventrèche, a smoky, streaky bacon.


Bacon; Barrow Hog; Berkshire Pigs; Butcher Hog; Casertano Pigs; Chitterlings; Crown Roast of Pork Day; Crown Roast of Pork; Fore Hock; Gilt Hog; Ground Pork; Ham; Hog Jowl; Iberian Pigs; Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications; Kurobuta Pork; Lard; Mett; Oreilles de Crisse; Pickled Pork; Pig's Feet; Pork Brawn; Pork Crackling; Pork Cubes; Pork Cuts Illustrated -- British; Pork Cuts Illustrated -- North American; Pork Heart; Pork Hocks; Pork Kidney; Pork Leg; Pork Liver; Pork Loin Roast; Pork Loin; Pork Maw; Pork Pies; Pork Rib Roast; Pork Ribs; Pork Rinds; Pork Souse; Pork; Prime Collar; Pulled Pork; Salt Meat; Sausages; Sow; Stag Hog; Streak of Lean; Tasso; Ventrèche; Zampino

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Also called:

Lard Maigre


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