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A creamed potato and leek soup, served cold. Cream and onions are also used. Often serve topped with chopped chives.

Cooking Tips

Good as a refreshing summer soup.

History Notes

Vichyssoise is thought of as French food, but it's actually an American creation.

It was invented in New York City in 1917 by a chef named Louis Diat (1885-1957) at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Madison and 46th Streets (now demolished).

Diat, admittedly, was born in Vichy, France, where hot potato and leek soup was a traditional recipe. He added cream to the soup and served it cold at the opening of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel's rooftop garden. He called it Crème Vichyssoise Glacée.

There was a movement to rename the soup to Crème Gauloise Glacée during WWII, when the French capitulated and a Nazi government was set up in Vichy, but it didn't really take hold.

Louis Diat was a regular contributor to Gourmet magazine for many years.

Language Notes

Pronounced "v she swahz"

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