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Washing Up Brush

Electric Washing Up Brush

Electric Washing Up Brush
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A Washing Up Brush is a kitchen tool used for washing up dishes, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, etc.

It consists of very stiff bristles on a head, attached to a long handle. The bristles can be animal, plant fibre or nylon; the handles, plastic or wood.

Some models allow you to replace the brush head. Others, when the brush head is worn out, you have to throw the whole thing out and get a new one.

You can get electric (aka battery operated) ones. You press a button and the head spins itself, doing the scrubbing for you.

Some modern plastic ones allow you to put detergent in the handles; a push of a button releases some of the soap down into the bristles to make foam for scrubbing.

For Kosher households, you can get special sets of three Washing Up Brushes, each marked for dairy, meat or parve.

Pot Brushes have very short handles, so you can lean into them with the palm of your hand and the force of your leaning helps with the scrubbing.

The use of a Washing Up Brush is very common in Europe and in the UK. In North America, it is really only used in Quebec and in Acadian areas. Elsewhere in North America, the overall regional preference seems to be more to use a dishcloth instead.


Mushroom Brush; Pastry Brush; Washing Up Brush

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Also called:

Dish Brush; Spülbürste (German)


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