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White Day

14 March

The 14th of March is an unofficial Japanese holiday.

Valentine's Day started in Japan around 1958. In Japan, on Valentine's Day, the women give chocolate to both their sweethearts, and to other men in their lives such as co-workers, etc. Chocolate that you give to friends and co-workers is called "giri-choko." Chocolate that you give to the hunka-hunka burning love that you want to land is called "honmei-chocko", and is more expensive and of a better quality.

On the 14th March, the men in Japan give the women in return white candy such as white chocolate or marshmallows, or other, non-edible presents that are white, such as flowers, clothing accessories, scarves, etc., or a present at least in a white box.

The idea began in 1965, when the Japanese marshmallow industry hit upon the idea of suggesting that the men give the women marshmallows on this day in return for their earlier favours on Valentine's Day. Initially, the promotion used the term "Marshmallow Day." The idea started catching on staring in the early 1980s.

Only about half the men get into the spirit of things, though. School boys have their mothers buying or making things and sending them to school with them to give out to the girls who gave them chocolates.

Some cynics say it's just another modern holiday designed to sell stuff. Real cynics point out that pre-modern holidays from the "good old days" were just designed to drink yourself blind.

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