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White Seabream

White Seabream is a fish that lives in the Mediterranean and in the Black Sea, as well as on Eastern Atlantic coasts from Bay of Biscay all the way down to South Africa. They like rocky areas near shores.

Their body has black and grey vertical bands, though the bands fade as the fish ages. They can grow up to 18 inches (45 cm), but the average length is 10 inches (25 cm.) They can live up to 18 years, and weigh up to 2 kg (4 1/2 pounds.)

They eat mussels, seaweed and sponges. Most White Seabream will change sex several times during their lifetimes, though some always stay female.

They are currently (2006) being farmed as well as being fished for.

Language Notes

Mediterranean White Seabream is Diplodus sargus sargus; Moroccan White Seabream is Diplodus sargus cadenati; Cape White Seabream is Diplodus sargus capensis.


Anchovy; Blue Fish; Bombay Duck; Caviar; Eels; Fish and Chips; Fish and Seafood Dishes; Fish Fumet; Fish Plank / Plank Cooking; Fish Sauces; Fish Slice; Fish Stock; Fish Worms; Fish; Fugu; Grey Mullet; Lutefisk; Mahimahi; Mola Mola; Perch; Pink Fish; Poaching; Safe Cooking Temperatures; Sardines; Smoking; Sole; Swordfish; Vesiga; White Fish; White Seabream; Yellowtail Jack; Yellowtail Rockfish; Yellowtail Snapper; Zander

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Also called:

Blacktail; Dassie; Kolstert; Diplodus sargus spp. (Scientific Name); Sar, Sargue (French); Brachse, Brasse (German); Sarago (Italian); Jargo, Sargo (Spanish)


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