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Wine Syrup

Wine Syrup is wine that has been simmered down to a syrup.

It concentrates the sugar in the wine. By the time the simmering is done, almost all alcohol is gone from the wine.

Some people like it over ice cream. The syrup becomes semi-solid when it hits the cold of the ice cream.


In desserts, grenadine.


Some Health food stores sell Red Wine Extract capsules as a folk medicine. 1 capsule is generally supposed to equal the health benefits from one glass of red wine.


1 750ml bottle of wine = 8 oz / 250 ml wine syrup

Storage Hints

Store in refrigerator.

History Notes

The Romans boiled down wine to make a syrup to make a sweet syrup. Actually, they used must, which produced a sweeter syrup.

Language Notes

The phrase "wine syrup" is also used as a phrase by wine writers to sum up the essential characteristics of a wine.

See also:

Grape Syrup

Caroenum; Defritum; Grape Syrup; Passum; Sapa; Wine Syrup

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Also called:

Wine Essence; Wine Syrup


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