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Winesap Apples

Winesap Apples range from small to medium-sized to large apples.

The tough, coarse skin is yellow on the shaded side, deep red elsewhere, with almost a violet hue. Sometimes there is some russeting.

Inside, the crisp, juicy flesh is yellow with red-tinged veins. Some feel the taste almost has a red-wine flavour; to others, it tastes spicy. The taste is also somewhat tart.

Once the tree is 3 to 5 years old, it will bear good crops every year. The tree produces pink blossoms.

The tree's pollen is sterile; it cannot be used as a cross-pollinator for other trees.

Grown in America and New Zealand.

Cooking Tips

Many feel that this is one of the finest pie apples grown in North America. Many also swear by it for cider. Can also be used for juice or fresh-eating.

The flavour survives cooking well.

Storage Hints

Stores well. Freezes well.

History Notes

Documented in Philadelphia in 1804 as a cider apple by a Dr James Mease, but it was known and used earlier in pre-revolutionary Virginia.

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Also called:

American Wine Sop; Banana Apple; Hendrick's Sweet; Holland's Red Winter; Pot Pie Apple; Potpie; Red Sweet Wine Sop; Refugee; Royal Red Of Kentucky; Texan Red; Winter Winesap


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