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Wok Ladles

A Wok Ladle looks a bit like a spade for garden gnomes.

It has a handle to which is attached a shovel that is wider at the top than at the bottom. Some are rounded instead with a very shallow "bowl" on them. Whether squarish or rounded, the bowl will be solid.

The bowl part is made out of stainless steel; the handle is wooden.

To use a Wok Ladle on food that you are stir-frying, you start inside the wok bowl on one side of it. You slide the Wok Ladle down and under the food, and keep on pushing it through the food in one continuous motion, angling it slowly upwards. This flips over all the food that it has passed through.

When the food is done, you use it to scoop the food out of the wok (it is harder to do this with the round ones.)

A Wok Ladle is often used at the same time as a Wok Spatula, with one in each hand.

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