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Xinomavro Grapes

Xinomavro Grapes are particularly grown in the central Greek Macedonian areas of Naoussa, Goumenissa and Amyndeo. They are also grown in Ossa, Ioannina, Rapsani, Trikomo, Siatista, Velvendo, Magnisia, Kastoria and Trikala, and on Mount Athos .

They are used used for dark red, almost purplish wine, such as "Naoussa", made in the Macedonia area of Northern Greece, as well as for rosé and other sparkling wines. Wines made in these areas can carry the Greek appellation of "Amyndeon" if they were made with at least 85% Xinomavro grapes.

The grapes are average sized for grapes, and grow in dense, conical, average-sized bunches. They have a very dark blue skin and produce a clear juice.

Most wines made from Xinomavro grapes need aging, after which the taste becomes quite complex. Younger Xinomavro wines will be plum coloured, turning to brick-red as they age.

Language Notes

Xinomavro means "acid-black" or more colloquially in English, "sour black."


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