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Yeel Cheese

Yeel Cheese is a generic term for cheese served at Yule celebrations in Scotland.

No specific type of cheese seems to be specified. Instead, it was just the cheese picked out that year for the Yule celebrations.

The first cut into it had to be done by the master of the household (by definition a man), otherwise it would bring bad luck.

Language Notes

In Scots, Yeel Cheese was called "Yeel kebback ", with "Yeel" meaning "Yule" and "kebback" meaning "cheese."


American Cheeses; British Cheeses; Cheese Curds; Cheese Day; Cheese Fries; Cheese Rinds; Cheese Technical Terms; Cheeseball Day; Cheeseballs; Cheese; Extra-Hard Cheeses; Fat Content of Cheeses; Firm Cheeses; Fondue; French Cheeses; Goat's Milk Cheeses; Italian Cheeses; Mexican Cheeses; Queso Fundido; Raw Milk; Semi-Firm Cheeses; Soft Cheeses; Sweet Curd Cheeses; The Crumblies; Washed-Rind Cheeses; Whey; Yeel Cheese

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Also called:

Yeel Kebback


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