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Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho is a spicy, hot Japanese condiment. It is a rough paste, a bit like a finely chopped chutney with a citrus flavour.

A specialty of the Kyushu region of Japan, the paste is made from yuzu zest, chile and salt.

There are two kinds:
    • Green Yuzu Kosho: made from green yuzus and green chile peppers
    • Orange Yuzu Kosho: made from yellow yuzus and red chile peppers

You can make your own, or buy it bottled in stores in Japan and in specialty Japanese food stores elsewhere.

Language Notes

Also transliterated into English as "Yuzukosho", "Yuzu Koshou" or "Yuzugoshou". "Yuzu" is Yuzu fruit. "Koshou" normally means black pepper. In the Kyushu dialect, "koshou" also refers to chile peppers.

See also:


Yuzu Gama; Yuzu Juice; Yuzu Kosho; Yuzu Shichimi; Yuzu Vinegar; Yuzu

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Also called:

Yuzu-Koshô, Yuzu-Koshô Orange, Yuzu-Koshô Vert (French)


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