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Apricot Oil

Apricot kernels contain an oil which is extracted and often sold either as Apricot Oil or Peach Kernel oil.

With further processing, the oil becomes chemically identical to bitter Almond Oil (because of common compounds they both contain), and so can be used for cooking as an inexpensive substitute for Almond Oil -- some manufacturers have even been known to add Apricot Oil to Almond Oil while still implying that the Almond Oil is pure.

Apricot Oil is said to be good for soap recipes as it leaves no oily residue on the skin.

Cooking Tips

It has a high-enough smoke point that it can be used for pan-frying and sautéing. It has a very mild flavour.


High in monounsaturated fats; contains no trans-fat.

See also:

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Acorn Oil; Almond Oil; Apricot Oil; Hazelnut Oil; Macadamia Oil; Nut Oils; Peanut Oil; Pistachio Oil; Walnut Oil

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Also called:

Peach Kernel Oil; Huile de pepins d' abricots (French); Aprikosenkernen öl (German); Aceite de huesos de albaricoque (Spanish)


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