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Sunberries are red berries that are soft when ripe, and are easy to pick.

The berries will only grow on the 2 year old canes of their thorny bushes. Older canes are pruned away.

A single Sunberry bush will produce up to 25 pounds (11 kg) of fruit per bush. As for the flavour, while some promoters include the somewhat standard phrase "excellent flavour," many other sources only grant faint praise, calling the flavour "mild."

History Notes

Sunberries are a cross between rubus ursinun and a "Malling Jewel" raspberry variety seedling.


Açaí Berries; Akala Berries; Aronia Berries; Baba Berries; Barberries; Berries; Bilberries; Black Currants; Black Gooseberries; Blueberries; Buffalo Currants; Bumbleberries; Cape Gooseberries; Cloudberries; Cranberries; Devil Spits Day; Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show; Elderberries; Garden Huckleberries; Gooseberries; Haw Flakes; Hawthorne Berries; Huckleberry; Hudson Bay Currants; Jostaberries; Lingonberries; Mulberries; Otaheite Gooseberry; Raspberries; Red Currants; Saskatoon Berries; Sea Buckthorn; Serendipity Berries; Strawberries; Sunberries; Tayberries; Thimbleberries; Ugni; Waimate Berries; White Currants; Wineberries; Wonderberries; Worcesterberries

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Also called:

Rubus idaeus 'Sunberry' (Scientific Name)


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