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Ya Li Pear

Ya Li pears, unlike other Asian pears, is less round and shaped more like what Westerners expect a pear to be shaped like. It has green or pale green skin, with white, crisp, juicy flesh inside. The flavour is mild and sweet with just a hint of tartness. It bruises easily so needs to be handled with care.

Ya Li pears are on the bigger side; each one can weigh up to 12 oz (350g.)

The fruit ripens over a period, so trees have to be harvested a few times. The tree needs another variety to pollinate it, such as Seuri or Tsu Li (Tse Li.)

Asian Pears

Asian Pears; Atago Pears; Chojuro Pears; Dasui Li Pears; Hong Li Pears; Hosui Pears; Ichiban Nashi Pears; Ishiiwase Pears; Kikusui Pears; Kosui Pears; Niitaka Pears; Okusankichi Pears; Olympic Pears; Seuri Pears; Shin Li Pears; Shinko Pears; Shinseiki Pears; Shinsui Pears; Tsu Li Pears; Twentieth Century Pears; Ya Li Pear; Yakumo Pear; Yoinashi Pear

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